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Sharon Gray

Augustana College

BP has great interaction with our team, and they come up with ideas for using the technology. And, instead of travel and conference registration expense for just a few faculty, many faculty benefit - and at no cost! It's a wonderful model. I highly recommend other colleges take advantage of this opportunity."

Guy Sauer

AVI Systems

"The different types of technology shown had an appeal to a broad Customer base. Michael Lisi and the BP Marketing team did a great job presenting the technology. Look forward to working the BP Marketing on future technology events."

Tyler Gottshalk

IMA Corp

"When we worked with BP, they cautioned us about how some tech companies can try to just sell us on what they either had in stock or what certain “brand” they carried, rather than let us choose the correct technology for our needs and choosing what we really wanted; no matter what “brands” they carried. We always want to avoid this and were really looking forward to using the technology that you carried in your traveling trailer and onsite at or location"

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