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We offer a wide variety of technical services to our partners.  From the most simple requests to complex applications, our efforts are tailored to your organization's needs

Pre-Sales Support

Application Assistance

Proof of Concept

A significant portion of the decision-making process takes place long before a purchase is made.  BP will work with you in determining the best course of action, and help in selecting the right solution(s) for your organizations' needs

Do you have a vision for your project, and need to know how to make that vision a reality?  Utlilize our knowledge and industry experience to explore a variety of potential options.  BP can advise you on best practices based on industry and application standards

In our digital age, information is accessible from a number of different mediums.  We can validate and enforce your research efforts by helping to ensure that technology functions and performs up to the standards of your organization

Onsite Demonstrations

Remote Collaboration

Direct Support Channel

We have a full inventory of demo equipment for your convenience. With extensive training on all our manufacturers' solutions, BP team members can provide you with an onsite product demonstration within your native environment

Need immediate assistance?  BP has a wealth of tools to be able to connect with you and your team to answer questions. Webinars, video/audio conferencing and desktop collaboration software allow us to connect using a medium that meets your needs

One of the most important resources within the ProAV & IT industry is a solid support channel.  Whether it is a trained and certified BP support team member, or a direct manufacturer channel, we have the tools to get your issues resolved in a timely manner

Need More?

Contact us today and learn what else we have to offer

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