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Critical Notifications Delivered at a Moment’s Notice With InformaCast

Critical Notifications Delivered at a Moment’s Notice With InformaCast

🚨 Stay Informed with InformaCast: Critical Notifications at Your Fingertips 🚨 🔗 Learn more about InformaCast: 📋 Description: Managing emergencies effectively begins with swift and efficient information dissemination. Introducing InformaCast, our cutting-edge emergency notification system that empowers organizations to deliver crucial information promptly. With a myriad of delivery options and customizable triggers, InformaCast ensures that the right information reaches the right people at the right time. 🚀 Key Features: ✅ Quick Activation: InformaCast allows for easy and rapid activation of emergency notifications, ensuring timely response. ✅ Customizable Triggers: Tailor notification triggers to your organization's specific needs, enhancing the relevance of information shared. ✅ Versatile Message Delivery: From text messages and emails to voice alerts and more, InformaCast provides a comprehensive range of delivery options. 🔒 Your Safety Matters: InformaCast is not just a notification system; it's your ally in keeping your people safe. Join us in exploring its features and discover how it can revolutionize your emergency response strategy. #InformaCast #EmergencyNotification #SafetyFirst #EmergencyResponse #StayInformed #CriticalNotifications #SafetyTechnology #InformaCastFeatures #EmergencyPreparedness #CommunicationSystem #AlertSystem #YourCompanyName #SafetySolutions #EfficientNotifications #StaySafe #TechInnovation #InnovationInSafety #EmergencyManagement #InformationDissemination #SwiftResponse #NotificationTriggers #SafetyTech 🔔 Subscribe for the latest updates and technology insights! 🔔
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AtlasIED technologies are the chosen solution for commercial environments with thousands of installations ranging from corporate enterprise, schools, universities, industrial factories, airports, and health care facilities around the world.
 AtlasIED effectively uses building communication systems while also helping to maintain a safe work environment with our industry-leading IP enabled solutions.

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InformaCast by Singlewire

An effective safety plan begins with strong communication. InformaCast is a single platform for your emergency and daily communication needs that enables you to reach everyone with the technology your organization already has in place. Our mass notification system will deliver intrusive, attention-getting audio, text and visual alerts throughout your facility and to people’s mobile devices. Respond to emergencies with robust incident management capabilities, and streamline daily communications with scheduled broadcasts and more

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Intellisee pairs its breakthrough AI technology with existing camera infrastructure, creating a solution that protects against a growing platform of risks, including gun violence and other more common risks, such as slip and fall hazards, trespassing, loitering, and more.

Intellisee provides a financially accessible and proactive safety solution to other sectors, helping protect K-12 and higher education campuses, hospitals, retailers, houses of worship, government settings, private industries, and more

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RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum's security video wall solutions enhance situational awareness and improve collaboration, resulting in better decisions, faster. Scalable and versatile, our video wall processing systems support security and emergency operations centers of any size, from single-operator stations to multi-site campuses.

Designed to operate with 24/7 reliability, our solutions are highly secure, cost effective, and easy to implement. That's why we're chosen for mission-critical applications such as public safety emergency operations centers (EOC) and enterprise-level security operations centers (SOC).

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AMX has worked with the US Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), expanded our testing, and as a result over 50 models have been added to the Approved Products List (DoDIN APL). Additionally, we are now the only AV manufacturer to receive the Cybersecurity Assessment Package (CAP) for direct connection to DoD networks

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Headwall is a software solution that extends command center situational awareness using VR and XR technology.  Headwall allows users to view and interact with live 4k
video streams, PC sources with KVM, visualize digital twins and 3D content with data overlays and control conventional AV devices from a VR game engine environment

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SBC LED offers 24/7 LED solutions featuring high brightness, high resolution and durability for security markets. SMD, GOB & COB options provide the ideal technology for a variety of applications including Command & Control, EOC & NOC environments

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Radiance Perfromance Series

Engineered to create the very best in direct-view LED user experiences, the Radiance LED Performance Series HDR delivers exceptional results for the most demanding projects. The Performance Series HDR features the highest-resolution pixel-densities (including Micro LED), broadest color gamut reproduction, and customization options for mission critical redundancy and stereoscopic 3D applications.

Latest News


BP & Atlas partner with IntelliSee to enhance security offerings to the upper Midwest


BP Partners with Headwall to expand security & augmented reality offerings to the channel


BP Partners with RGB Spectrum in the Midwest to offer secutiry and emergency response solutions


BP & Atlas partner with Singlewire to promote Informacast Mass Notification solutions


BP to Represent Radiance LED line from Digital Projection in the Midwest

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