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To disrupt the status quo. To challenge outdated, inefficient and unwarranted paradigms that are ingrained within the industry


In the AV industry, their have been a number of "disruptive" changes introduced; VoIP vs PBX, Digital vs Analog, HDBaseT & Video over IP to name a few.  These changes, or categorical shifts, were not overnight occurrences.  Most of these shifts were slow to move within the traditional adoption processes.  In time, there is often a defining moment where these shifts officially (or unofficially) evolve into "standards".  These standards then become the status quo, until inevitably the process cycles and a new shift begins


In AV, this process is inherently flawed.  This is primarily due to the fact that AV has been intentionally entrenched in mystery.  The AV world is the one of the most outwardly visible and front-facing areas of technology, yet most have no knowledge of how it works (or how to fix it).  As a result, the majority of projects and applications are forced to include a select few "standard" solutions; a process that is then replicated time and again


The good news?  There is another way.  Due to a variety of powerful (and disruptive) forces, the world of AV is becoming less mysterious.  As a result, a growing number of different technologies are now open to us.  Our job?  To bring you that technology!

The purpose of Disruption17 is to

Introduce, Emphasize and Embrace "the Different"

The goal is not show you what is better, the goal is to show you what is possible

What is Possible?

LG presents it's new OLED line of commercial products.  OLED displays are thinner, lighter and offer a significantly better image than typical commercial displays. LG's line offers "wallpaper"  wall displays that are barely thicker than a credit card.  They also offer curved and dual-sided OLED for digital signage and architectural applications

What is Possible?

Utelogy is a Software-Based control, management & analytics platform for AV & IT-centric devices.  Utelogy provides a standards-based platform for any open API devices.  Essentially, a system for ALL your systems

What is Possible?

T1V is a collaboration & ideation software solution.  With T1V, you can present a virtually unlimited number of videos, documents, notes & ideas on a digital touch screen canvas.  Be able to share from any device, regardless of OS and collaborate in real-time with individuals in the room or across the world

What is Possible?

Screen Innovations (SI) is a leader in ambient light-rejection screen materials.  SI provides the large format benefits of projection without the faded, "washed out" image.  Now you can have digital display quality brightness AND contrast up to 200" and beyond

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